Paul Gross - 2017-2018 President, Rotary Club of Woodland Hills 
On Sunday, June 3, 5:00P at the world famous Canyon Club, the Rotary Clubs of Calabasas and Woodland Hills have partnered in a fundraiser to combat human trafficking. It will be a fun evening of food, drink, poker, casino games along with a silent and live auction.
The scourge of Human Trafficking (sex trafficking) is widespread with Los Angeles being ground zero. Many of the victims are underage and are sold into sex slavery, in some cases...they are taken out of the country never to return.
So what can we do? Specifically, we are raising funds to purchase tattoo removal machines and professionals to remove tattoos that have been placed on the victim's faces as branding. That's correct!...these young women are branded by their traffickers. When these women have the opportunity to break away from their traffickers, they have difficulties re-establishing themselves in society with a branded tattoo on their faces. The first phase of these machines will be placed in our own backyard, the San Fernando Valley.
We can really use your help! Please consider a sponsorship, donating to and attending this great event. 
You can do so securely online at: