May 1, 2018
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Message from the President…

It’s been an interesting few months at the club. We have had a flurry of new members and I want to welcome them all in as Rotarians. I look forward to watching all the great things they will be doing going forward.
A few things to mention: The Clergy panel was very successful and powerful and I wanted to thank Anna Sakvarelidze, Ron Supancic and Sandy Rosenholz for working so hard in making this a successful event. Special thanks goes out to Anna’s husband Julian who worked really hard in setting up and breaking down the room. My intent is to continue to grow the event and expand the participation.
Having Henry Oster a Holocaust survivors speak at our club for Holocaust Memorial Day was an honor and it is important that we continue to memorialize that horrific time in the worlds history. (see story and photos below)
As most of you know we are partnering with the Calabasas club this year for our Poker & Casino fundraiser on June 3rd at the Canyon Club in Agoura. We all like to do projects and many of us come to the club for funding of their projects and favorite causes. Needless to say the money does not grow on a Rotary Tree, we need to fund raise. Quite frankly, I have an expectation that every club member do their part in a way that they can. There are multiple ways for club members to help. Buy tickets and attend the event, buy tickets for friends and family, help sell tickets, buy sponsorships, donate auction items and help spread the word. This is the opportunity for each and every club member to be a giver. We are 5 weeks away from the event so let’s get to work! (see information below)
Yours in Rotary service,

Bringing Peace to Our Community
by Ron Supancic
"Somewhere within us all exists a supreme Self who is eternally at peace."
Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love 
At the April 17 Peace Committee meeting the Bill Eddy method of high conflict problem solving was revisited. There was discussion of the tactics, techniques, and steps that are necessary in separating people from the problem.  It is best to focus on issues, minimizing conflict, stimulating conversation, and provoking solutions that end conflict. 
Members of the Peace Committee are encouraged to share incidents, events, and opportunities for using the tools from their Peace Maker Tool Kit. The kit is being developed by the United States Institute of Peace coordination with the United Nations Mediation Support Unit and in collaboration with a number of other mediation institutes and experts. The toolkit will include a series of "best practices" on key aspects of mediation and peacemaking.
During Ramadan, between May 15 and June 15, there will be a dinner with the Muslim community.  A Peace March will be held in West Hills on Valley Circle, from St. Bernadine’s Catholic Church to Temple Alia and ending at the mosque in Woodland Hills across the street from El Camino High School. The Peace March Committee will be meet at 6 p.m. on April 30 to discuss the event.
The club has 10 Buddy Benches ordered and three schools are confirmed. Seven additional schools to be confirmed. The process starts with locating decision makers the selected schools and sending a congratulatory letter to them. A meeting is scheduled with the decision-maker, faculty, and student council to talk about any objections or concerns.  It is vital that we establish an installation date, which should be an event in which we invite the media so that the community is informed of Buddy Benches and their purpose.
Buddy Bench coordinators included Sheri with Pacific Boys Lodge, Jeff Stern with Reseda Elementary and Serrania Charter, and Ava Teherani with Willow Elementary and Lupin Hill Elementary and A.E. Wright Middle School. Other places being considered are Viewpoint, Fulbright Elementary, Woodland Hills Elementary West Valley Girls and Boys Club and New Directions for Youth.

The club's first Buddy Bench.


Casino Night Volunteers Are Needed

  • Auction prep - put together auction baskets and other items, make bid sheets, create master list of items for tracking and close out

  • Auction set up - On the day of the event, set up auction items and bid sheets at the venue

  • Auction monitoring and close out - Monitor auction tables through out the event, pick up bid sheets at the end of the auction, assist with collection of funds and delivery of auction items to successful bidders

  • Venue set up - One the day of the event, set up and decorate prior to the start of the event 

  • Check in table - Check in guests and provide instruction/direction on the night of the event

Please send an email to and include the following:

  • Your name, email address, phone number and the area(s) you are available to help.

  • Please indicate if you will be able to help on the day of the event. Remember, if you are playing poker or casino games, you need to tell me that so we won't be counting on you to help during those hours. 

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No Meeting - Wednesday Night Fun, Social and Good Eats at Casa De, Mexican food!!!
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May 30, 2018
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Rotary Casino Nite & Poker Tournamet
The world famous CANYON CLUB
Jun 03, 2018 5:00 PM
Aparna Rajawat, Speaker from India
Woodland Hills Country Club
Jun 06, 2018
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Taft Teacher/Student Awards program, and the West Valley~Warner Center Chamber will join in.
Woodland Hills Country Club
Jun 13, 2018
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No Meeting - DEMOTION DINNER at Wood Ranch Country Club!
Jun 20, 2018
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Buddy Benches for Schools
By Ron Supancic

I would like to know if information is presently available with regard to process and protocol, and identifying schools, enrolling schools, and installing Buddy Benches in the community. 
I think there are four stages to the process: 
  • First, we should send a letter of congratulations when we have identified a school that has agreed to be a candidate for the installation of a Buddy Bench. 
  • Second, we should schedule a meeting with the principal, the parents, and the students to explain and explore concerns they might have about the installation of a Buddy Bench and how it's to be used. 
  • Third, we need to have an installation of the bench with a training offered to the facility, parents, as well as the student council, so that both children and faculty know how the Buddy Bench is to be used. 
  • The fourth step is in the auditorium for the school, to announce to the school that the Buddy Bench is present, the Buddy Bench has been installed, and now anyone that wants to learn more about the Buddy Bench can be trained. And at that time, we should have some kind of a brochure that we pass out, so that everyone understands what it is, what it's for, and how it's to be used. 
An additional fifth step is the follow-up protocol to meet with the school from time to time on a regular basis to determine:
  1. Has the Buddy Bench been used?
  2. Has it been used successfully?
  3. Has there been any interest in the Buddy Bench Program?
  4. Where do we stand with regard to offering this to other schools?
Those are my thoughts.  I'd like to hear whether this has already been accomplished.  Thank you for keeping me in the loop.  E-mail me if you have any questions further in this regard.
Rotary’s Pageant of the Arts provides high school students the opportunity to display their talents and compete with other students for recognition and monetary prizes.  Students gain valuable experience as well as exposure to University Deans and professors.
Rotary Clubs have an opportunity to connect with the community through public and private schools, churches, performing arts and art studios, YMCA, YWCA, theater groups, community centers and groups and retail centers; just a few suggestions for outreach and expanding your club’s public relations.
Areas of competition:  SPEECH, MUSIC, ART and DANCE.
  • Prizes for each category:  1st place $1,000  *  2nd place $500  *  3rd place $250.00
  • Date of completion:  March 10, 2018
  • Location:  Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA 90045
  • Online Registration and Fees Due Date:  February 10, 2018 
Entry Fees:
  • Small clubs - $80.00
  • Medium clubs - $135.00
  • Large clubs - $190.00
 Submit quality competitors:
  1. Create a flyer and promote the contest throughout your community.
  2. Clubs can select a single participant or hold a competition to select the best participant.
  3. Clubs can offer prizes, money or certificates to participants and/or winners.
  4. One applicant per category may be submitted.
  5.  Start early so you will have contestants in time to submit registrations by the due date.
  6. The Online Registration and the Registration Fee must be received by the District Office by February 10, 2018 for the registration to be accepted.
  7. Support your student to be sure they know contest rules, have transportation, etc.
  8. Encourage your club members to attend the Pageant to support and cheer on all contestants.

Holocaust Survivor Henry Oster

At the April 11 meeting Henry Oster told his compelling, inspiring life story, battling prejudice and the politics of fear as a Holocaust survivor. As a young German boy he survived deprivation in the Lodz Ghetto, a life-or-death selection in the Birkenau extermination camp, a firing squad in Auschwitz, being strafed by an Allied  fighter, and starvation in Buchenwald. Henry rebuilt his life in America, arriving at 18 with no family, no English, no money and no education. Of 2,011 Jews uprooted from Cologne, Germany in 1941, he is the only survivor. Henry was still working as a world-respected Professor of Optometry on his 89th birthday, helping the world to see.
Signed First-Edition Hardcover
Michael Turner  editor
P.O. Box 144 ► Woodland Hills, CA 91365 (818) 344-5776