LAFD Paul Gomez Honored by the Club

At thee June 14 meeting Captain Carl Spena from the Los Angeles Fire Department State 84 in Woodland Hills honored Paul Gomez, who received an award for 37 of service to the department.  One his first assignments was fight the Malibu fire in 1978.  Gomez became of the first paramedics with cross training in fire medics. He was involved in teaching CPR as a volunteer. He wa an inspector for safety in prisons and was captain in South Central Los Angeles in 1993. As an EMS captain he would manage multi-causualty incidcents.
Additionally, he lobbied for bills in the legislator regarding safety issues for fire fighters. One bill that passed allowed fire fighters, who within five year of retirment, were diagnosed with cancer they would receive all their benefits. A subsequent bill has changed this to 10 years. (Photo of President Jay Saltzman (l to r), Paul Gomez, and Captain Carl Spena.)