Malibu Rotary Club: Fire Academy Scholarship
The  Malibu Rotary Club will award a $3,300 scholarship to  a student enrolled in any fire academy in Los Angeles County, CA.  The $3,300 will be paid directly to the Fire Academy, in the student’s name to pay for the student’s tuition, fees, etc.  The funds will not be written directly to the student.
In order to apply, students must email Malibu Rotary Club at a 60-90 second video :
(1) Why they want to be a firefighter, and
(2) How winning the $3,300 scholarship would positively impact their life.
Additionally, the fire academy student must email the Malibu Rotary Club:
(1) Student's name
(2) Student's phone number
(3) Name of the Fire Academy they are enrolled in
(4) Address of the Fire Academy they are enrolled in
The Deadline to apply is midnight on Sunday, April 16, 2017.  NO MORE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED STARTING AT 12:01 A.M. ON MONDAY, APRIL 17.
Each e-mailed application received will receive a confirmation reply e-mail.  If the student does not receive a confirmation e-mail within three days assume it has not been received by the Malibu  Rotary Club. The winner will be notified by April 30, 2017
For  questions, please email Malibu Rotary Club at