Parenting Troubled Children

Parenting does not come with a how-to manual.  Even with model children—if such a thing exists—it is not easy.  Add to that the ubiquitous temptation of drugs assaulting our young people every day, and you are in for a few challenging years.  Our March 30 Dennis Poncher, founder of the nonprofit, "Because I Love You," (BILY) enlightened the Club about how and why he started an organization to help parents of troubled children.  His organization offers compassionate assistance to parents needing help with children addicted to heroin addicted and other drugs.  Poncher’s organization provides parents with valuable tools to deal with their children, their own feelings, and how to manage a crisis situation.  He told us that B.I.L.Y. meetings are a place to talk with other parents who listen without judgment or blame. There are no membership requirements or dues, and they are open to the public. For information visit: (Photo: Dennis Poncher (l) with President Jeff Stern.0