Our Club and Fleet Street Will Participate in the City Lights Program
Imagine if soldiers only volunteered for the army if they could serve in Hawaii. Imagine if Santa Claus decided to take a Christmas off because the weather was bad.  Imagine if Clara Barton didn't want to be around all those injured people. Imagine if the Seabees only wanted to build the easy bridges or the 101st Airborne Division only wanted to jump into nice areas. 
Now, what you don't have to imagine is Rotarians having the ability to help a truly underserved population in their own city, in a safe environment with other Rotarians, and only choosing the "easy" locations or, in some cases, not choosing at all despite the previously expressed willingness to do so.
Some months ago the club agreed to participate in two Summer Nights Lights events with Fleet Street.  In reliance upon your promised participation, Fleet Street entered into a binding contract with the Mayor's office.  Some of you did not respond, either to the e-mail announcement or the two meeting announcements. Some of you only signed up once. But the biggest problem is that for the four less convenient locations, there are only three of the needed 20 volunteers. Below are the locations where we need volunteers. I also listed the number of Rotarians who have volunteered. The times is from 6 to 10:30 p.m. 
  • July 18: Glassell Park - 3650 Verdugo Road, Los Angeles. This is off the 2 (Glendale) freeway in Eagle Rock….it is just south of Glendale.
  • July 25: Lou Costello  3141 EAST Olympic Blvd.  This is on Olympic Blvd just across the LA River from downtown, near the East LA Interchange. 
  • Aug. 01: Ramon Garcia 1016 Fresno Street, LA. This is just across the LA River from downtown, near the East LA Interchange (only 4 blocks from Lou Costello)