What is Rotary?
That’s the question I always get asked when I talk about Rotary, and it’s the most
challenging to explain effectually in one sentence.
Rotary is so much more then what we think or know. Rotary is a world filled with
beautiful people who are selfless, caring most about happiness of others….
making sure no one is left behind.
Rotarians are people of action!
Rotary is fellowship, where you make a lifetime of friends and become part of the
big family.
Have you ever wanted to do something good for the community?  To give back? 
Rotary is a perfect place to do so. 
You have ideas?  We welcome them.
You have solutions to problems? Let's discuss.
You want to be part of something big?
Become a Rotarian and attend the annual Rotary International Convention where
you’ll meet fellow Rotarians from all over the world, exchange ideas and learn
from a multitude of excellent, inspiring speakers. Join us at the next 2020 RI
Convention in our Aloha State…Honolulu, Hawaii! 
Over 1.2 million amazing Rotarians from around the globe give a magnitude of
“service above self” to better our world. 
What are some of  Rotary’s focuses?
• Saving Mothers and Children
• Fighting Disease (eradicating polio around the world)
• Supporting Education
• Promoting Peace
• Providing Clean Water
• Growing Local Communities
When you join our Rotary Club of Woodland Hills, you'll become part of a club,
that for over 60 years, successfully accomplished many projects in the
community and internationally.
We are community leaders, people of action doing good with kindness and
peace...and welcome anyone with a heart of a Rotarian who wants to be
part of something big.
Help us connect the world...
Anna Sakvarelidze
2019-2020 President
Rotary Club of Woodland Hills