Bird Brained Rotarians

It is a STORK reality that many Rotarians don't take full advantage of all Rotary offers. Don't be GULLED and AUKWARD. Don't GROUSE, be BITTERN or BUZZARD off.  Don't be HAWKISH or emotional. I don't EGGagerate.
If EMU give it chance, Rotary CROWS on you, like ROBIN the cradle. For a LARK, just put PETRAL in the tank and get to your meeting. 
For a Rotary presentation, don't be discouraged at first and throw in the OWL. Don't GROUSE or try to DUCK out since if you don't speak up, WIPPERWILL. TOUCAN do it. You CANARY come through in a FINCH.  To prepare, you don't need to OSPREY. Use your CRANE and SWALLOW your pride. TEAL a quiet moment alone to prepare and use a PENGUIN to make notes. Then PIPER up. Speak the BIRDS slowly and clearly and  recite like a PARAKEATS. Just do your NEST and ignore any audience COOTS.  Confidence is the KIWI to success. You will not FALCON on your face. Forgetting the words is not GREBOUS, just recite a  SWIFT SWAN song.
It will certainly be a STARLING performance.  Your time will seem to FLY, like VULTURE reality.  FEATHER you were great or not, you will get an adrenaline THRUSH, like you were a TANAGER again.  You will be a HERON, in the JAYBIRD seat and the CHICKS will be impressed.  WREN you are finished, relax with a COCKATIEL.
With Rotary, you must learn to AVES no EGRETS.  EAGLE be very satisfied. DOVE try to have a PHEASANT time. The CARDINAL rule is you must leave no TERN un-stoned. Remember, an OSTRICH in time saves nine.

Yours in Rotary,
Woody Woodpecker