Buddy Benches for Schools
By Ron Supancic

I would like to know if information is presently available with regard to process and protocol, and identifying schools, enrolling schools, and installing Buddy Benches in the community. 
I think there are four stages to the process: 
  • First, we should send a letter of congratulations when we have identified a school that has agreed to be a candidate for the installation of a Buddy Bench. 
  • Second, we should schedule a meeting with the principal, the parents, and the students to explain and explore concerns they might have about the installation of a Buddy Bench and how it's to be used. 
  • Third, we need to have an installation of the bench with a training offered to the facility, parents, as well as the student council, so that both children and faculty know how the Buddy Bench is to be used. 
  • The fourth step is in the auditorium for the school, to announce to the school that the Buddy Bench is present, the Buddy Bench has been installed, and now anyone that wants to learn more about the Buddy Bench can be trained. And at that time, we should have some kind of a brochure that we pass out, so that everyone understands what it is, what it's for, and how it's to be used. 
An additional fifth step is the follow-up protocol to meet with the school from time to time on a regular basis to determine:
  1. Has the Buddy Bench been used?
  2. Has it been used successfully?
  3. Has there been any interest in the Buddy Bench Program?
  4. Where do we stand with regard to offering this to other schools?
Those are my thoughts.  I'd like to hear whether this has already been accomplished.  Thank you for keeping me in the loop.  E-mail me if you have any questions further in this regard.