Posted by Ron Supancic, CFLS
Peace Committee: War on Child Exploitation
Cozette Vergari, District Governor-elect, announced her commitment to protecting exploited children in our community in her opening remarks at the recent District Conference in Carson City.  She declared the war on sexual exploitation of children is on. Rotary is throwing its resources, energy, and man power in the direction of ending children slaves in California. 
The Woodland Hills Peace Committee was honored by the recognition that they are the first District 5280 Peace Committee to sponsor a Peace Booth at a major fundraising event.  We were able to share the information we gathered putting together the Peace Booth at the Annual Arts and Crafts Faire, which generated a great deal of interest and enthusiasm from people that passed by the booth, took handout materials, and made inquires into the efforts of Rotary International to work in the direction of world peace on a global basis.  
The new District 5280 Peace Chair, Vicky Radal, is to be congratulated for the leadership that she has shown in putting together a District Peace Chair training program, which will be meeting electronically on a quarterly basis to provide inspiration, ideas, and support to the Peace Committees throughout the District.  
This is an exciting time for Rotary.   Those who attended the Ramadan dinner at the West Valley Islamic Center last night in Canoga Park distinguished themselves in an exemplary manner by explaining why we supported their public outreach, & what Rotarian's are doing on a global basis to further World Peace. Find their website online, register for future events, and you will be delighted to be related to a wonderful new Muslim community at a local mosque that is inviting members of Rotary to find out more about the Islamic faith. Acknowledgement, appreciation, understanding, communication, collaboration, & acceptance are the initial steps to peace worldwide.