Posted by Michelle Goldwater
Friday, May 13 Lunch: Fireside Chat with Rotary VIPs
We have secured two Rotary VIPs for our Friday lunch Fireside Chat.
RI Trustee Aziz Memon (flying in from Pakistan just for our Conference)
and Brad Howard, Aide to 2022-23 RI President Jennifer Jones
(you may remember Brad's dynamic speech at our District Breakfast
last year). These two Rotarians are experts in Rotary's Polio campaign
and will share their insights with us. 
Saturday, May 14 Lunch: Environmental Panel with Global Experts
Three global experts on the environment (and all Rotarians) will share
how your club can make an impact on the environment. This exclusive
panel includes Kim Lorenz (World Vision), Larry Johnson
(Wells Bring Hope) and William Bridge (Global Green). 
Sign up and spread the word! 
Register for the District Conference Friday and Saturday lunches so you
can hear these dynamic speakers in person! We also invite guests
(non-Rotarians) to join for $60 per lunch.